The History on Robertson Bodyworks…

Welcome…we are here today to bring to you this interview on the man behind the scenes at Robertson Bodyworks. We are confident that you will find as we did in speaking with Tim Robertson that his business of operation definitely is a reflection on his personality… “in always having a passion for helping people in critical situations.”

Tim Robertson of Robertson Bodyworks is here with us now. “Thank you Tim for allowing us to interview you at this time.” “Thank you for having me.” We won’t take too much of your time, we simply have a few questions that we feel our web readers would like to know. As you are well aware, seeking an autobody repair shop is a very stressful experience for most people. “Yes, it is!”

We are curious Tim when you did you first become interested in this trade?

“You know many people get behind the wheel of a car and are satisfied with understanding the simplicity of turning the key and driving away. As far as I can remember, what triggered my attention is getting under the hood and understanding the mechanics of what exactly made a car run.”

How and when did you begin in the trade?

“I was fresh out of High School and landed my first job with an autobody repair shop. For many years to follow I worked on all makes and models of European, Domestic and Japanese vehicles, gaining more insight, knowledge and hands on experience than you could imagine. You could say that the career picked me.” Tim laughs.

When did you feel that it was time to open your own Autobody Collision Repair Shop?

“Over the past decade, I had also worked in several ‘Flat Rate’ shops and felt that customers weren’t really receiving the care and quality workmanship deserved. This bothered me tremendously for I always had a passion for helping people in critical situations.”

You have caught my attention with your last comment Tim. Have you ever acted on your passion for helping people?

“Actually yes I have. I enrolled myself as a Volunteer Fire Fighter for the Town of Devon and was active between 1993 through until 1997.” What made you leave? “ I had then moved to Edmonton. But I must say that being a Volunteer Fire Fighter was an extremely fulfilling experience.”

When did Robertson Bodyworks Inc. open?

“How time flys! Robertson Bodyworks Inc. opened it’s doors in September 2001 and we have been serving customers ever since. My commitment is to ensure that my customers receive our undivided attention and the quality workmanship they deserve.”

Well that just about wraps up our time. Thank you Tim for taking the time to come and meet with us out of your busy schedule. “My pleasure.” Now if you want more information or need an estimate on your collision repairs, give Tim a call at Robertson Bodyworks today.

I am sure you will be glad you did!


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